The Mille Miglia Warm-Up
Mille Miglia Warm Up


A Swiss Warm Up weekend before the infamous Mille Miglia.

Enzo Ferrari called The Mille Miglia ‘the most beautiful race in the World’. I am unable to confirm that statement until next week when I join Scuderia Classiche and their guests to visually document these incredibly special couple of days racing 1000 miles through the Italian countryside.

What I can confirm is that Paolo Pedersoli, founder of Scuderia Classiche, organises a most impressive event for his guests.

I’ve had the pleasure of working and delivering reportage photography and associated bits and pieces with Paolo since October last year, in the Coppa Franco Mazzotti, Brescia.

It was my good fortune that Paolo could tolerate me. It happened that our values, exceptionally high standards and expectations aligned. We both harbour a love for classic cars, ensuring guests have the most fabulous time imaginable. And importantly we seek constant improvements and growth as we go. It really is a fabulous partnership, despite my questionable filing systems. 

Last month I travelled to Lugano for what was a landmark weekend for Scuderia Classiche. Where I documented the whole extravaganza with our media team. Paolo organised the inaugural Swiss Mille Miglia Warm Up. The first event that Scuderia Classiche and the Mille Miglia have presented in official partnership.

And I am thrilled to play my part. 

There’s so much to say about the weekend I’m overwhelmed to write it all. However, I walked away invigorated. Took cracking pictures along with my team, of the guests enjoying their time trial training in the glorious setting of Palazzo in the centre of Lugano, scaling mountain roads intercepting the classic entourage navigating the hairpins through the most beautiful Italian Swiss Ticino villages, voted the most beautiful in Switzerland. 

The guests now fully prepared with Paolo’s meticulous theory and practical training will take on the ‘most beautiful race in the World.’

And I will deliver the photography and associated bits and pieces for guests to remember this once in a lifetime bucket list experience. 

If the Mille Miglia is on your list then Paolo is your first, and only, port of call.

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