Why use Giclée printing?
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Giclée Printing and the three reasons why I use it.

When it comes to printing my images I turn to Giclée printing. For the highest quality option which will showcase my fine art prints and their impressionist, almost, painterly style in the best possible way. A home inkjet printer simply wouldn’t be sufficient. The word Giclée (pronounced ‘Jee-Klay’ with a soft J), comes from the French verb gicler meaning “to squirt, spurt, or spray”. 

There are three reasons why I use Giclée printing for my artwork: 

1. Giclée Printing Archival quality

I want my work to stand the test of time so I only engage with establishments that have Giclée printing using high quality pigment-based inks, as opposed to dye based inks, which are fade-resistant and when printed on Hahnemühle acid free Rag photo papers my work has a life of up to 200 years. And leaving a legacy is one of my greatest motivations for creating art.  

I use two printers one in London, The Printspace, which is renowned amongst photographers and artists for their service, quality, attention to detail, and now their carbon neutral printing. I first began using them a decade ago when working as an art consultant, they were my go to for many years.

Since spending half my time in Cornwall I located a local company who print all of my bespoke sizes. Sharkfin Media in Truro are wonderful and I get to see the print operation in progress, which is very satisfactory!

2. Print resolution

Giclée printing produces finer, less pixelated prints that have a higher dot per square inches resolution and are capable of printing up to 1440 by 2880 dpi. This quality cannot be achieved with your home based inkjet printer. 

giclee printing process

3. Colour range

Like your home inkjet printer, professional Giclée printers use the CMYK colour process, but true Giclée prints deliver unrivalled colour accuracy with superior black & whites, which is essential for the different tones in my monochrome works and they offer exceptionally smooth gradient transitions. For further information on monochrome click here.

And that is why I use Giclée printing for my work, for its superior quality and capturing every shade. 

black and white picture of surfing

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