5 Ways to Incorporate Art into Home Interiors
black and white photograph of surfer mounted on wall


Art work is one of the best ways to refresh your home interiors. Art can introduce a different vibe into your home and become the focal point of a room. A special piece of artwork can really make a statement and give your guests something to talk about. Here I share five ways to incorporate art into your home interiors.

1.    Size and scale

Be bold. Go big. So often people don’t utilise the space that they have and put a small piece of work that gets lost and you can’t see the artwork properly. If you hang a large piece there it helps scale up the space and makes it far more interesting.

black and white photography in home interiors

2. Mix and Match

Use several pieces together to make more of an impact. Maybe hang two or three pieces together or go all out and create a gallery wall to draw the viewer in. It’s what the Georgians used to do!

3.    Framing and mounts

Framing can really make or break a piece of art and there are so many options it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many cost effective framing solutions online and in the shops now which enable you to try before you buy. Spend a little time considering the colour scheme in your home and in the art work itself.

If you have a larger budget and are inclined then speaking to a custom framer will offer you options you might not have considered to show off your chosen artwork. Don’t forget you can update an older or vintage piece with a new frame and give the work a whole new lease of life be it a traditional or a contemporary piece of artwork.

black and white photograph of surfer in home interior

4. Lighting

It’s always going to help draw attention to a piece of work. It needn’t be a gallery system or and expensive set up. A strategically angled floor light or some ceiling lights might help make your artwork pop.

It’s not the end of the World if you don’t have the lighting. The preference would be to have art and no lighting than to have no art at all. But it certainly does add to a rooms ambience.

5. Hanging

Consider what your walls are made of and the weight of the artwork. You might need a drill if it’s brick or concrete. Or use special nails for plaster board so they don’t work free and your artwork falls off the wall and gets damaged. Or maybe you have a picture rail to utilise which can look really cool. Equally try not to hang artworks to high – you can lose their impact that way.

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