I came late to this World. 

I had to do the stuff I didn’t want to do to work out what I did want to do. 

And here I am with a camera. Lit up and with fire in my belly.  

Camera’s always featured within my family. Mainly disposable ones developed at the local pharmacy. 

Then I walked a desert five years ago and featured in a film with a cinematographer. I was envious of his role to observe, I enjoyed sitting in front of the camera spilling my soul in the video diaries every night when we set up camp. It listened with no retort, capturing my most vulnerable moments. 

And that’s why I bought a camera to observe and document lives in our priceless moments, vulnerabilities, sadness, happiness and all that’s in between. 

For those that are still here and curious of my previous lives: lawyer, soldier, art dealer, life model, estate agent, amateur jockey, groom, dog carer, presenter, web designer, speaker, I’m sure there’s more, but that’ll do. 

I still like to dabble in some of the above. Got to keep the grey matter sharp!